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The flagship product of 4Life Research is transfer factor. Transfer factors are immune information molecules that can be transferred from one animal to another. These molecules carry immunity information that can be transferred from the donor to the recipient.

Transfer factor was discovered by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949. He discovered transfer factor when doing research on tuberculosis. Dr. Sherwood discovered that he could transfer the white blood cells from a donor who had previously contacted tuberculosis and recovered, to the recipient who is currently having tuberculosis. The amazing discovery was that the recipient recovered after receiving the white blood cells from the donor. What Dr. Sherwood had done was transferring the immune memory of tuberculosis from the donor to the recipient. He named the molecules that was being transferred, ‘transfer factor’.

Dr. Sherwood Lawrence work was patented in 1989 and was later validated in 1991. No attention was given to the discovery of transfer factor and the patent. It was only in 1997 that David Lisonbee, the CEO of 4Life Research unearthed the patent for transfer factor. Being a visionary David Lisonbee saw the potential and goodness of transfer factor and make a life changing decision to purchase the patent to transfer factor.

As a result 4Life Research was born in 1998 with the mission of ‘Taking Transfer Factor To The World’. Together with the 4Life research team, David Lisonbee patented the filtration process for the extraction of transfer factor from cow colostrums. This was the beginning of transfer factor classic and transfer factor plus.

Transfer factor is nature’s way of providing immune intelligence to the new born. When a mother give birth to a baby, the best thing for the mother to do is to breast feed her baby. The first 3 days milk is called the colostrums. The mother is not only providing food for her baby, but is doing another important role – transferring her immunity information to the baby. This is the reason why breast fed baby are healthier.

All animals transfer its transfer factors to the young. This is nature’s way of protecting the baby from viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. Do you know that if the baby cow does not receive the colostrums from the mother cow, the baby cow will die within 2 weeks, attacked by all the surrounding viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens?

David Lisonbee and the 4Life research team stumbled upon the idea that transfer factors could be found in the chicken egg yolks. As a result of further research, transfer factor was also obtained from chicken egg yolks. Later in 2004, the transfer factor advanced formula was launched. This was the combination of transfer factor from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks. As a result the transfer factor plus was later launched providing the highest increase of NK Cells activities of 437%.

In 2007, 4Life Research had another significant discovery in ‘nano factors’. These are smaller molecules found together with the transfer factor molecules. These nano factors have an important function in regulating the immune system. This will help with balancing the immune system and therefore in assisting with auto immune conditions where the immune system is overactive and attacking the body own good cells.

The 4Life transfer factor will assist the immune system in 3 ways:

  1. Strengthen the immune system
  2. Provide intelligence to the immune system
  3. Regulate the immune system

Transfer factor is NOT colostrums or chicken egg yolks. Transfer factors are extraction of the immune information molecules from colostrums and chicken egg yolks. The cow colostrums contain lactose and cow antibodies that are not suitable for humans. The chicken egg yolks contain cholesterol that is not good for the human. In short the 4Life Research transfer factor contains concentrated transfer factors from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks.

In 2004 the Russian Academy of Medical Science did a test on transfer factor. They tested transfer factor to Interleukin-2, the standard drug used in Russia for the treatment of HIV and cancer. This is similar to the chemo therapy drugs used for the treatment of cancer. In an activation period of 48 hours the Interluekin-2 is able to kill 88% of the cancer cells. This is an expensive procedure with side effects of drugs. They were shocked to discover that transfer factor plus can kill 97% of the cancer cells within 48 hours activation period. Transfer factor is only a dietary supplement that is cheaper, without toxicity and side effects.

This discovery attracted the attention of the International Scientific and Technical Center (ISTC) of Russia. As a result transfer factor became the first dietary supplement to be approved for use in clinics and hospitals in Russia.

There are countless testimonials from people all over the world who have been helped by the transfer factors products. It is not my intention to include it here. Just do a Google search and you’ll be able to read many product testimonials from around the world.

Transfer factor from 4Life Research is a once in a life time product. To get more information on it please click here to get the whole scoop.


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